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25-26 February 2017

Session for the Dutch architect Rem Koolhas. The son of a writer and grandson of an architect, he worked in journalism before turning to architecture. Son of writer and grandson of architect worked in the world of journalism before devoting himself to architecture. This Pritzker winner in 2000 wrote what is probably the most influential book in 21st century architecture: S, M, L, XL.

Through their work, both built and at the project level, we saw their disengagement from the environment and how the buildings themselves take center stage by themselves. The Y2K house and its relationship with the Oporto Music House, China Central Television Headquarters, Seattle Library or Beijing Olympic Stadium are examples of its more media-friendly architecture.

Below we explore several of his projects not built of impossible towers and then play to design our small scale with Lupo Plot.

In the last part of the workshop we stopped to analyze some of their houses like Villa Dall’Ava or the famous house in Bordeaux, designed for a marriage whose husband had recently stayed in a wheelchair. The final construction with Super Lupo consisted of a structural analysis of this last dwelling Composed of a large cylindrical pillar, cantilevered beams, gantry and braces make this construction an exciting challenge that we managed to overcome with a resounding success.

* Photos: Manu Suárez

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Sol y cardos

Se retoma otro año más el campamento Sol y Cardos de la Fundación Luis Seoane. En esta edición nos acompañaron las artista Laura Alonso y

Sol y cardos

Este año los participantes se sumergirán en proyectos artísticos y editoriales inspirados en la obra de Luis Seoane, acompañados por el equipo de Sistema Lupo



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