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Bio Lupo is the version of Lupo based on bio-construction. These blocks, manufactured by means of a totally ecological process, are made from a conglomerate formed by the mixture of straw and mud, in which the slip (a mixture of clay and water) forms the binding element of the mixture. Technique similar to adobe but with inverted proportions, in this case, much more straw is used and the slip is used as a connecting element of the whole. This technique is traditionally used in construction as insulation, in our case, it is used for the formation of large blocks and in turn, of great lightness.

Bio-construction is closely linked to self-construction, from which a huge educational and practical component is extracted, «learning by doing». The participants are an essential part of the entire construction process of the material, which is summarized in the following points:

1. Obtaining the straw and drying by natural methods.
2. Elaboration of the slip/mud (mixture of clay + water).
3. Elaboration of the conglomerate (straw + mud).
4. Formwork of the mixture by means of molds (it is important in this phase to obtain a single homogeneous mass, avoiding the generation of layers of different mixtures in the piece).
5. Unmolding and drying by natural means.

These workshops, carried out on many occasions, especially during the “Sol e Cardos” summer camps, are very well received by all attendees. Being able to work as a community young and old, the only requirement is to tolerate getting a little dirty!




Proyectos realizados en colaboración con el MUSAC para la exposición Arquitecturas Prematuras, la cual presenta los trabajos de Isodoro Valcárcel Medina sobre la arquitectura de

Paper architectures

The sessions follow one another through daily work based on different materials and techniques related to architecture from paper, wood, adobe or bioplastic, through traditional and avant-garde construction techniques and systems.



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