“Learning by Doing”

practical application translates into workshops

The didactics of Sistema Lupo are used both in terms of material and content. It is an experimental didactic that encourages individual reflection and creativity as well as teamwork through large-scale construction dynamics.

Collaborative work denies individual ownership of the work carried out, the challenge is met by everyone and we all participate in its success (or failure, in the event of structural collapse).



Although not always in the same order, there is always a theoretical part with the contents to work on and a practical experimental part.

directed activity

It is the phase in which we rely on the challenges (many of them downloadable from the web).



the phase of solving the challenge in teams leads to a cooperative process.

creative result

The creative phase is the result of the previous process.


The programs are continuous workshops sequenced over time (weekly or monthly). The workshops allow to delve into the contents through the succession of sessions and all of them start from non-regulated education, generally from museums and centers of contemporary art or history, associations or professional colleges.


We organize a workshop or program to suit you

Tell us what your main goals are and let’s talk about the workshop or program that suits your needs.

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