Submerged cities

Submerged cities


Architectural workshop in the Acuarium Finisterrae.
January 30th 2016

Fundación Luis Seoane
Cycle Nenoarquitectura

Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Galicia.
(Delegación de Coruña)

Sistema Lupo

Patricia Amil
David Antuña
Loli Diego
Mar Lista

Sistema Lupo

Borja Díaz Carro

Memories & Pictures

“Submerged Cities” is an example of a one day workshop in collaboration with the Aquarium Finisterrae. In this session the spectacular atmosphere created in the aquarium to engage participants in the fascinating underwater world exploits.

A first theoretical session made us to explore different examples of towns and cities under water, strategic decisions, natural disasters or legends are interspersed in the narrative, and make us travel from the nearest national examples to Port Royal in the Caribbean through the Chinese cities or India.

After this session a creative workshop where each team creates an imagined city adapted to environments recreated in the aquarium where different ecosystems, mussel rafts, ravines or simulating the continental shelf arises.

Teamwork is always a common thread in all these workshops, teams are organized and each involved in a different ecosystem.

After this creative phase a more directed from planes task leads to the construction of the Nautilus, our submarine lupo which will take us travel all these scenarios. The game presides each of the phases and helps foster the imagination of participants. In this case the presence of living beings, fish with their looks and their movements, increased the empathy and the degree of relatedness of the group.

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