When did you start getting older?

One begins to grow older as the word “game” changes in meaning.
When you are a child, play is fun, it is freedom and imagination. Playtime is the preferred and desired time. The hours pass slowly and well spent; and laughter, racing, partying and silliness are the order of the day. We play at being everything and at being nothing, but above all we long for the infinite horizon that for us means to be greater.
When reaching the stage of responsible person, the word “game” becomes negative. “Don’t play with people”, “this is not a game”, “But what are you playing at?”. It seems that an endless thirst for revenge attacks us when we think of those past moments. Is it that our unconscious reflects that we expected something else? Maybe we are not even a reflection of what we imagined we were going to be in our childhood, or maybe things are not going so well for us because we adults have forgotten to play.
So I invite you to play, to imagine and to dream. Let’s remember how we were, and, why not, recover part of it.
What did you play in your childhood?

Text from the blog of ALMUDENA CUETO

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