Transformation of spaces

“Narrowing the gap between saying and doing”




Comprehensive and experimental educational project focused on collaborative work and that favors the spirit of community within the school and its environment.

Project carried out, in maximum conditions of complicity between students, faculty, families, and administration with the teaching coordination through the teacher training centers.

The program is ongoing in different centers, all of them from the public network.

mr Lupo explains how we transform spaces in Sistema Lupo

From our profession as architects and educators, we accompany different educational communities to analyze the situation of their centers and propose pedagogical and architectural projects.

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each project is unique

Far from proposing a catalog of indiscriminately applicable solutions, Sistema Lupo proposes projects adapted to the needs and capacities of each community and, of course, adapted to the educational project of the center itself. Each center opens a new story. In this section you can visit the projects by centers or by thematic categories.

All our projects are developed with a main focus on:




Development projects

Some examples...

Start a transformation

Tell us what your main goals are and let’s talk about how we can help you transform your center.

Fundraising support and guidance.

Consulting economic management and fund management.

We give you the tools to carry out a continuous transformation.

We promote support for the local community and industry.

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