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Mestra de Obra Online was born from the extraordinary situation in which we find ourselves, and it translates into a special program of the usual quarterly workshops, which allows us to continue enjoying the program’s didactics with the entire Lupo System team through a change of scenario, to continue the activity from our own homes.

They are done through an online video platform, so you simply need an internet connection; and in a simple way, through a link, you can directly access to participate in the live sessions; intervening in the workshops and carrying out the dynamic group proposals that will undoubtedly help us to spend these days of confinement sharing experiences and challenges among all.

The program is developed with activity proposals through which we invite participants to analyze and propose measures and solutions to avoid their daily problems that usually appear in schools. Our function is based on giving the guidelines so that the analyzes are carried out correctly, that they see that spaces and methodologies can work for them and help them with our tools to create environments that improve the current state of their respective centers. The activity is planned in such a way that they can be carried out with materials that are at home, reusing common objects, thus promoting creativity and stimulating the imagination of the participants.

As usual, the sessions are related to different artistic manifestations, at the beginning a theoretical foundation is made, and then, launch into making your own creative interpretations; that are carried out, taught and discussed in a group, generating live an active and cooperative dynamic among all.


La roca de Barrionovo

Tres cursos de preparación y espera han finalizado con la transformación del patio del EEI Barrionovo de A Pastorza, Arteixo. Este centro de educación infantil

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El CEIP Ramón de la Sagra está en las inmediaciones del Barrio de las Flores, muy cerca del CEE Nosa Señora do Rosario y forma

Inicia una transformación​

Cuéntanos cuáles son tus objetivos principales y hablemos de cómo podemos ayudaros a transformar vuestro centro.


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