We are born in contemporary art museums and therefore in non-regulated didactics.

The academic part would carry some research article and participation in courses, congresses and scientific publications in the university field (University of Porto, Autonomous University of Madrid, University of the Basque Country, Menéndez Pelayo University, USC, UDC, Roma Tre, Ie university…)

Reference in the world of education and teacher training. We are founders of the Ludantia Association of architecture and education.

Programs with teacher training centers (CFR) and open programs in continuity with art centers such as FLS or CGAC, high-capacity associations such as ASAC and collaborations with MUSAC, MedialabPrado, Laboral Art Center, MUNCYT, National Museum of Sculpture, Antonino and Cinia Museum in Cerezales, Chillida Leku

Mask Group 22

Leticia Zapata

Demigoddess. Active in the Academy determined to establish iustitia (justice) and concordia (concord).

Mask Group 94

Patricia González

Mathematical guardian, mother of gods

Mask Group 23

Daniel Mora

Ephemeral inventor and builder. Free citizen.
Disciple of the Academy. Founder of Nenoarquitectura

Union 119

Alba Pérez

Mythological being

Other figures who left a deep influence on later thinkers are cited by historians. The following authors developed their doctrines and thought in distant times;
David Rodríguez Antuña (athlete and conqueror, avid builder),
Jose Rebollo (introducer of logic and exact sciences),
Hilda González Cebrián (active in the design of polis and walls),
Patricia Amil (sensitive astronomer and artist),
Borja Díaz (Thinker in barbarian territories).

Union 118

María Bescansa

Consul in Asturian territory.
Poet of minuscule details.

Mask Group 91

Ignacio Bescansa

Governor of the mothership. Thorough carpenter

Mask Group 92

Juan Queipo

Philosopher of truth, implacable judge in charge of quality control of recreational activities and artifacts.

Mask Group 21

Noa González

Multifaceted artist and inventor. Free citizen. Disciple of the Academy, founder of Nenoarquitectura.

Union 29

Luis Miguel Fernández

Plumber (from the Latin fontana). Responsible for the waters to follow their course.

fermin blanco

Fermín Blanco

Ubiquitous earthly. Guardian of the essences. Active in Northern campaigns

Mask Group 19

Víctor González

Geometer and dominator of scenarios. Public space speaker

Mask Group 90

Elsa Noriega

Custody of the values of harmony and space.

Union 125

Jenny González

Naturalist. It is governed by the laws founded on natural law. Communicates with plants, inhabitant of marshes.

Mask Group 89

Tono Mejuto

Poet of light and time.
Patient and sensitive senator.


Candela Gómez

Multidisciplinary creative. Free citizen. Academy student. Founder of Nenoarquitectura

Inés Soto

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