Chillida Lupo

Version of Eco Lupo made in collaboration with the Chillida-Leku Museum to interpret in an original way the sculptural work of Eduardo Chillida. The approach to the work has a special impact on the geometric and structural component. The large sculptural volumes are surprising for their shapes but also for their difficult mass balances. Full-empty games and pronounced overhangs explore the limits of the material. The proposed sculptures represent challenges that help to interpret Chillida’s work, from the most geometrically complex, such as the combs, to others that are more accessible, such as the Elogio del Aire or De música IV, but surprising from the point of view of balance. The structural field is the protagonist of works such as Elogio del horizonte IV or Toki Egin. The dismountable for adult audiences consists of 46 pieces and is entirely made of wood. The box also includes a booklet made in collaboration with the documentation department of Chillida-Leku with explanations of the different sculptures and assembly instructions with a difficulty code.

Exclusive sale at the Chillida Leku Museum store or through the web.


Coinciding with the tenth anniversary of the Chillida Leku Museum, the museum’s educational team will develop activities related to the work of the sculptor from San Sebastian with the help of SUPER LUPO. For this purpose, a series of models are proposed for group construction of the most representative sculptures of Chillida’s work.

For more information about the activities you can visit the museum’s website:

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