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EcoLupo is a handmade product.

Lupo supports the domestic industry and local crafts. From Sistema Lupo we believe in the power of entrepreneurship. This project is self-financed through workshops and product sales since its inception.


Quality control

Each of the pieces of EcoLupo is inspected and guarantees that the qualities of hardwoods are not altered.



Eco Lupo is a sustainable product produced with wood from certified logging.

Their impact on wood consumption is minimal because much of it comes from recycled materials or trimmings from other manufactures.


Types of wood

Eco Lupo is made of wood from both European and American hardwoods such as walnut, chestnut, cherry, beech, oak, ash, maple, etc.



EcoLupo comes with wood in its natural state, without any finish.

In the process of selection of the wood are considered aesthetic, physical and mechanical properties, based firstly on qualities like veining, color or grain, and secondly on the degree of drying, hardness and durability.

EcoLupo 3 is the new Lupo System material that we incorporate into the Lupo family.

Why 3?


After the EcoLupo 2009 and the EcoLupo 2014, this is the third edition of our game made in wood.


The EcoLupo 3 pieces are based on a 3 cm module.


For the first time we incorporate playing cards that complement the free play. In EcoLupo 3 you can combine 3 elements in each exercise, wood pieces, a challenge card and a difficulty card.

As in previous cases of EcoLupo, it is a craftsman’s material, sustainable and with high quality control.

EcoLupo3 is an artisan product both in the way of using the raw material and in the execution itself.

Lupo supports the domestic industry and local crafts. From Sistema Lupo we believe in the power of entrepreneurship.

The production of EcoLupo 3 is made in La Carrera (Asturias) by Nacio Quirós.

Each of the pieces of EcoLupo 3 is subjected to an inspection, both tactile and visual, that guarantees that the qualities of the noble woods are not altered.

EcoLupo 3 is a sustainable product produced with certified logs.

Its incidence on the consumption of wood is minimal because much of it comes from recycled elements or blunts of other fabrications.

In turn, the paper used for letters and instructions is FSC certified.

How to play the new EcoLupo 3 when incorporating the cards?


1. Select a challenge with the cards with the green side facing up. It can be a challenge in 2D or 3D.

2. Select a difficulty in the black cards:

– Basic. Build the challenge without added difficulties.
– Skill Build the challenge with your eyes closed or with your non-dominant hand.
– Time. Build the challenge in a time limit, or watch the card for a while and build it from memory.
-Symmetry. Build the challenge as if you were looking at it in a mirror.

3. If you have difficulty with the challenge, turn the card over and you will have a help.


1. Let your imagination fly to make new forms and constructions.

2. Build them in Lupo Digital and share them on the Sistema Lupo facebook page.

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