Arqui Brinca

Arqui Brinca


Porto, 2013/2014
Braga 2014

Didactic project
Sistema Lupo

Semana da Rehabilitacao
Vida Imobiliaria
Arki play

Memory & Photos

Arqui Brinca is a workshop within the “Semana da Reabilitacao Urbana de Porto y Braga”. Different activities bring together the agents involved in the financial recovery of cities. Business, technical, institutions and the general public met around discussion, work and exhibition sessions. In this context Arquibrinca is presented as a final party where children are the protagonists. To value the heritage parts of the city, different challenges based on monuments or significant areas of the city (Braga and Porto) are proposed.

In the 2014 edition we had the cooperation of our friends, the Arkiplay collective. They are in charge of Lupo activities in Portugal and their experience in working with large groups has generated a specific activity “CUBO PORTO”, an abstract figure based on a three-dimensional collage of different buildings the city.

As a result of this collaboration, we are currently developing new projects that include a new cardboard lupo of which we will keep you informed. Within this collaboration we are currently developing new projects including a new lupo made of cardboard. This state of collaboration and work, research and education, outreach and technical research is what makes each project a new experience for further growth.

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Arquitectura y educación

Entrevista del espacio de Arquitectura de Radio Voz conducida por el periodista Alberto González en la que Fermín Blanco participa junto con Susana Rodríguez Carballido,



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