Connection by Finsa. Spaces connected with wood

Connection by Finsa. Spaces connected with wood




Fermín González Blanco. Sistema Lupo
José Santiso
Antonio V. García-Serrano
Fuco Reyes
LAR Legido
Luis Gil y Cristina Nieto

Museo de la Universidad de Alicante MUA (Alicante)
Museo Centro Gaiás (Santiago de Compostela)
Disseny HUB (Barcelona)

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How are we connected with wood? How is a Galician forest related to a London coffee shop? What do gastronomy, percussion, virtual reality or photography have in common with this material?

Finsa proposes to answer these questions through “CONNECTION, spaces connected with wood”, a museographic project and a cultural event that traces the value chain of wood through the different trades that intervene in it, emphasizing the processes creative and in design.

Spaces connected with wood presents an exposition of six exhibition modules based on the theory of the six degrees of separation – raw material, transformation, distribution, design, trade and client-. In these six modules, in which 220 Finsa boards are integrated, ethnographic objects of various kinds are shown, such as historical drawings, traditional tools of the carpenter’s trade, original materials from the wood industry… Physical elements that are complemented by a travel in virtual reality that unites the origin of the raw material until its application and final use.

The objective of CONEXIÓN is to provide the visitor with a sensory experience of belonging and discovering wood, a material present in many facets of daily life, symbolic in traditional trades and paradigmatic in the creation of environments. Therefore, in addition to paying tribute to forests and the productive and recycling cycle of wood, CONEXIÓN collects architectural and interior design projects in which this material takes on a special role in the narrative of space and objects.

In the show, as it passes through Galicia, six professionals from disparate fields -the restorer José Santiso, the virtual reality designer Antonio V. García-Serrano, the artistic photographer Fuco Reyes, the sound researcher and improviser LAR Legido and the architects Fermín González Blanco, Luis Gil and Cristina Nieto- will speak about the creative processes in their respective fields.


ESKOOLA online meeting

Space, art and pedagogy will be treated based on the analysis of practical cases of Navarre reality, the result of the joint effort of different organizations.

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