V Playgrounds Meeting


V Playgrounds Meeting

1 November – 2 November 2019

Museo Centro Gaiás
Cidade da Cultura de Galicia

Asociación Ludantia-Arquitectura y educación

Cidade da Cultura de Galicia/Xunta de Galicia
Proxecto Terra (Alberto Fortes) [web]

-Susana Gaudêncio. Art, architecture, education, space and mode.
-Rafaele Genet. Show the city from the arts. Didactic experiences in the Faculty of Education Sciences of Granada.
-Heike Freire. Natural spaces to learn to live and live together.
-Clara Megías. Invisible Pedagogies.
-Leticia Flores. High Teaching Center – ESCUNI.
-En el Ajo / Workshop In the air.
-Equipo Mico / Workshop What if your classroom was empty?
-Detalleres / Workshop Book-Object-Game.
-Little Architect / Workshop Sustainability and Global Goals in Architecture.
-Sistema Lupo / Workshop Rethinking the school.
-Createctura / Workshop Shadows: Scenographies in the classroom for learning through experimentation.
-Ludolocum / Workshop Geometry in the game.
-Rafael Galán / Workshop Neuroarchitecture and synesthesia. Architecture through the senses.
-Nuria Eguren y Mariajo Núñez / Workshop Dwelling. Living chronology.
-Miguel Sáez / Workshop Architecture, classroom and curriculum: a transversal dialogue.
-Antonio Capelao. Good life and Flower the Tree Project. School in Nepal.
-Aitor Etxarte Berezibar. Discourses and experiences of change in educational spaces.
-José María Mesías. Sensitive Art Education.
-Fiona McDonald*. “BUILD” empowering young people to set the brief, design and build their own spaces & places. —
-Arquitectives / Workshop Rediscover the city.
-Tipi | Workshop What we have in hand.
-Fiona Mc Donald / Build.
-Miguel Díaz / Workshop Argallar for everyone.
-Víctor González / Workshop Blocks and Palitroques.
-Improvistos / Workshop Healthy environments for children.
-Chiquitectos / Workshop The classroom as a learning space.
-Mimaia / Workshop To build is build. Rethinking with hands the learning-teaching process through play.
-Urbanins / Workshop Make city.
-Proxecto Terra / Workshop Teacher training.

Manu Suárez (Cidade da Cultura)
Sistema Lupo

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As a colophon of Argallar. Exhibition to play with architecture the Ludantia association with the collaboration of Proxecto Terra and the Fundación Cidade da Cultura – Xunta de Galicia organized the V International Meeting on Education in Architecture for Children and Youth, aimed at teachers, students and education professionals in architecture.

This fifth edition of the Playgrounds Meetings was planned with a double format of plenary sessions with debates between professionals in architecture education and built environments on the one hand, and on the other the programming of twenty practical workshops organized by Ludantia Agents. Both formats are based on four strategic lines.

Art, public space and participation
Transformation of spaces
Toys and playful devices
Architecture in education

For the V Playgrounds Meeting 150 seats were offered, which were completed in just 24 hours. More than 80% of the public were active teachers, along with students from Education, Architecture and other disciplines. The event could be followed in streaming with more than 400 live followers.



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