I Ludantia Bienal


10 May-17 June 2018

Executive direction
Xose Manuel Rosales

Artistic direction
Jorge Raedó

Virginia Navarro

Xunta de Galicia
Diputación de Pontevedra
Ayuntamiento de Pontevedra

Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Galicia

Pazo da Cultura de Pontevedra

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The 1st International Biennial of Education in Architecture for Children and Young People is an event that brought together experiences related to this topic in the international arena.1 The celebration of a Biennial is one of the projects that emerged as a result of the III International Encounter of Education in architecture. This meeting was organized by Playgrounds Group (currently the Association of Architecture and Education of Ludantia) at the Reina Sofía Museum (Madrid) on January 16 and 17, 2016.

One of the objectives of the people dedicated to the education of architecture is to include the child / youth in the city and be mediators so that their opinion is heard about it, with the firm belief that this will achieve better environments. Therefore the theme chosen for this first edition is the public space under the title: Habitar from the ludic: school playground to the city as a game board. The Biennial seeks to be an event of social openness in which to exchange experiences on architecture education and deepen at a methodological and research level, but also a way to show the enormous transformative potential that children / youth have on our cities and Do it with the best possible tool: educational projects.

It is an event open to schools, architects, education professionals, artists, governmental or municipal organizations, non-profit organizations and independent people / groups from around the world interested in the education of the built environment. Although up to now there have been educational projects introduced within Biennials of Architecture or Art, this project inverts the sense of progress being education the end in itself and the architectural and artistic processes the means of reaching it.

The participations in the Biennial by the Lupo System team were several. In the days leading up to the Biennial, Lupo System was in charge of organizing and carrying out the “Xogo na Rúa” program: 7 Galician cities, 7 game boards, 7 participatory workshops: A Coruña, Ferrol, Santiago, Lugo, Ourense , Vigo and Pontevedra would host a series of workshops that culminated with the celebration of the I International Biennial of Education in Architecture. Children and families were invited to approach the public space, architecture and heritage through workshops organized by groups specialized in architecture and childhood.

In addition forming part of “Table of Toys”, it was accompanied in the coordination and design of certain games that would be part of the Active Expo.

Professor Luis Martínez from CEIP Ortigueira, in one of the seminars, explained “Rethinking the School”, a project that seeks to collect participatory processes that incorporate children through methods, developments, times and guidelines based on the participation of their children students at school.


Continuing with the participation of Fermín Blanco in the conference “Table of Toys”. “Toys are considered instruments designed and produced to be used during the action of playing” (Johan Huizinga and Brian Sutton Smith). A series of reflections related to toy and architecture are introduced, these start from the set of processes that can be called “education in architecture” that differ from teaching because they are not regulated, not adapted to specific places and by professionals, without temporary limits or age. These are processes with great similarities with road, nutrition, health, citizenship, etc … In other words, they are part of a “general culture”.


And finally, participation in the presentation of the Ludantia Association, also by Fermín Blanco. Association dedicated to education in architecture for children and youth, seeks to gather experiences related to this topic and thus share, discuss, experiment and disseminate educational and research projects that work with space (domestic, urban, collective, natural …) and in which the child / young person is the protagonist.



V Playgrounds Meeting

This fifth edition of the Playgrounds Meetings was planned with a double format of plenary sessions with debates between professionals in architecture education and built environments on the one hand, and on the other the programming of twenty practical workshops organized by Ludantia Agents. Both formats are based on four strategic lines.



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