“We are what we produce and we produce what we research.”

At Sistema Lupo we consider it important to carry out research and dissemination work on architecture and teaching that does not only include childhood, but also extends to other areas such as university education, special education or non-regulated education.

This dissemination work is carried out through different channels: collaboration in publications and the edition of own documents; numerous conferences given on the different perspectives of the project; the organization of events for reflection, training or participation and participation in courses, seminars and work groups.

continuous learning and training


Perhaps our favorite format and certainly the most common for the dissemination of the project.


Since its inception, Sistema Lupo has maintained an active presence in specialized national and international congresses, both as speakers and workshop leaders and sometimes as organizers.


Especially those related to teacher training . In collaboration with universities and training and resource centers.


In our effort to advance on a practical level, we have initiated different research projects in collaboration with companies, universities or research laboratories.

Some of these experiences remain on a merely experimental level and others can be classified as «products» whose release on the market provides us with an economic extra that keeps the project alive in economic terms. While maintaining our creative independence, all these projects reinforce our earlier work with local authorities where entrepreneurship is the fundamental key to interpreting our development.

All our products are backed by AIJU laboratories specialized in the toy industry and they have the appropriate CE marking. They are manufactured in the Iberian Peninsula and even though they are industrialized, some handcraft works survive in the process. This handcrafted concept is more evident in some than others, but common to them all.

They all share the same patent:



In the scientific field, research articles and participation in catalogs or conference proceedings stand out, all of them in the field of education, art, architecture and product design.


In the university environment, experiences are heterogeneous.

Many are based on collaboration with research teams for the transfer of knowledge to society.

Others are programs linked to applied research through specific university subjects in the fields of history, architecture, urban planning, landscape, participation, technique or engineering and pedagogy.

Collaborate with Sistema Lupo

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